I had been chasing a specific car for over a year. It was for sale and then not for sale as the collector wanted to hold on to it. Suddenly it was back on the market. I was preparing to possibly see it and drive it when all of a sudden it was SOLD. I had missed it. Then there it was again for sale at Schmitt. The good thing is that it was now closer to Chicago, and I could easily drive and see it. My visit to Schmitt was very nice. I was greeted by Andreea, who I had spoken to on the phone before. She was very professional and friendly. Next came John Sherman, he would be my salesman. We spoke about the car and he showed me around the beautiful showrooms. As we walked to the 78 Porsche 911 that I had been chasing, I knew this would be worth the drive. The car was immaculate and exactly what I wanted and had hoped to find. He took me out on the road and I knew I had to have it. Over the next couple days I worked with both John and Andreea and they helped me get this dream car. SS 

Dear Daniel Schmitt & Co, I recently purchased a 1958 Chevrolet from your company, and I want to commend you on what I consider to be one of the most professional purchasing experiences I have ever had (and I've had a bunch over my 65 years roaming this earth)!  Everyone has been extremely courteous, responsive, and helpful.Again, thanks and my best regards to you and all your staff. Lowell BomaYork, SC 

 Excellent cars and service, very professional, I have bought and sold several cars with Daniel Schmitt & Co. and i highly recommend them. Alex S. 

 Just to let you know that I've received the car in good state (she arrived on the 5th of September in Savona)I'm so happy with the way she looks and the sounds she makes. The only things is that now I have to keep smiling because everybody is taking pictures when they see her :-)She is making all the Ferrari's jealous!Now I'm waiting for the license plates to drive her on the roads I can't waittttt! Again many thanks for you great service and good continuation. 

Best Regards Rob K.A Happy Customer! 

 If you’re looking for your dream collector car, go to Daniel Schmitt & Co. first! I don’t invest 150k in a car every day, so I flew down to St. Louis to visit the showroom in person. I wanted to not only see the beautiful Mercedes-Benz I was going to buy, but to get a feel of the whole Daniel Schmitt business/experience and see how the other cars are kept and maintained. The quality of the cars in his showroom were exceptional. There is no surprise he has stayed in business for so long, everything was exquisite. The staff was warm and welcoming and my purchase was finalized quickly and efficient, quicker than a new car dealership… I’m very happy with my Benz, it is exactly what I was looking for. Now we’re talking about selling my ’68 Jaguar and a Model A to Schmitt. I’ve kept my Jaguar XKE Coupe in pristine condition and it has very low miles, so it’s going to sell reasonably fast! Mitchell G.